The Seer Institute MP3 Download & Student Notes

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The Holy Spirit desires to open our spiritual eyes to see into the spiritual realm, to properly discern spiritual happenings, and to interpret what we see and experience with skill. Visions and dreams, signs and symbols, and spiritual “happenings,” are the language of the Holy Spirit. They are part of our spiritual gift package as described in Acts 2:17 and therefore within reach of every believer in Christ. Many mysteries of the kingdom can’t be explained outside of a vision, a dream, or a spiritual experience. At the same time, many experiences are not useful unless we know how to interpret what we just experienced. 

The Seer Institute is a training and activation, as well as an exploration, of many wonderful truths associated with the Seer realm. Each point and illustration is conscientiously anchored in biblical precedent with the consistent admonishment to “Prove out your experiences from the Word.” I’m convinced the Body of Christ has been robbed of many spiritual truths that have been counterfeited by the New Age and Occult religions. It’s time to take those things back and see them reactivated in Christ with all purity for the purpose of evangelism and seeing the kingdom of God advance in the earth.


Package Contents (comprised of three separate modules):

• Over 9 hours of training 
• Comprehensive student notes
• Supplemental articles