Seeing the Supernatural Book and Online Course Bundle.

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You're Not Crazy. You Have a Gift!

Many people become anointed with the Holy Spirit's Gift of Discerning of Spirits and either don't know it or don't know how to walk it out successfully. This gift is the supernatural ability to discern the spirit behind something whether it's the Spirit of God, the spirits of devils, and/or the motive of the human heart.
It is a gift that operates through your senses causing many people to feel emotionally unbalanced and sometimes crazy until they know what they really have. With proper support and instruction, you can learn to harness this gift the way God intended. This gift will become a blessing, not only to you but those around you. 

Do you have this gift? Is this gift is overwhelming you? Do you want to learn more? This course will help.

In this online course, we discuss;
  • What does the Bible say about this gift?
  • How and why does this gift overwhelm most people?
  • When should I say what I am discerning, especially when it's negative?
  • How and when will this gift help my life and others?
  • Will I always be this sensitive? What can I do about that?
  • How do I know what I am discerning?
▪️This interactive course will go LIVE Friday, Sept. 2 at 6-8 pm (PST) Q & A at 9-10pm (PST). Q & A will happen LIVE on FB and Clubhouse after the private online course.  You will receive your link via email. 
▪️Your book will be shipped out to you via courier (extra price for shipping)
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Registrants will be sent a $25 off coupon for the upcoming Glory and Prayer Institute in Turlock CA USA and the Seers and Dreamers Gathering in Sydney Australia. 

Seeing the Supernatural Book and Online Course Bundle.

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